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My SE Experience: Part 3

As my personal work and my work with clients in Somatic Experiencing continues, the significant and dramatic changes also continue to amaze me (also see Part 1 and Part 2). This work includes not only addressing things we might commonly refer to … Continue reading

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Simple SE You Can Use Right Away

Think of a time when you experienced joy in relationship with another, or a time when you made a significant accomplishment or achievement. As you remember that time, perhaps complete with an image of the moment when you felt the … Continue reading

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The Rhythm of Life

I recently heard this theory of self care (boring word therapists use to describe the relationship to the self) that made a lot of sense to me and expanded my understanding of its importance. It goes something like this: We … Continue reading

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Meditation Challenge Update 6/10/13

So we’re approaching the 6 month mark and I thought I’d check in to see how everyone is doing and to report my experience so far. I am meditating approximately 6 days per week, at least 30 minutes. Occasionally I … Continue reading

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What I Learned from My Week Doing Nothing

I took last week off from work. It was an experiment of sorts. No plans. No lists. A “stay-cation”. I stayed home and did virtually nothing – reading, tv, a little housework, some random mending tasks as the urge struck, … Continue reading

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2013 Challenge – Add Silence Practice this Year and Change Your Life

I’ve issued an invitation to everyone on the meditation reminder list, and am repeating it in this post. I plan to commit to daily silence every day in 2013. Please see this page for further details on how you can … Continue reading

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Why is Gluten Intolerance Growing?

Here’s a quick article I picked up from the Eating Rules Facebook feed today, positing explanations for the rise in gluten intolerance, which make a lot of sense. I often feel like the science around gluten tolerance is SO not … Continue reading

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