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Cynthia Clingan is a personal coach and licensed professional clinical counselor in Columbus, Ohio who offers somatic psychotherapy, direct pointing, awareness skills education, and meditation instruction.

Love Trumps Hate

To all of you Dears who are struggling right now, I thought I might provide this list of things I have found enlightening and inspirational this week. I have found myself first in shock, and then surprisingly motivated and energized, … Continue reading

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My SE Experience: Part 5

Life goes on, as does my continued progress in healing with Somatic Experiencing, which I’ve been sharing in this ongoing series of posts (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4). My capacity continues to grow. When I use the word “capacity”, … Continue reading

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Meditation and Trauma

I was checking out the groups on the Insight timer app on my phone after meditating yesterday, and there was a thread in one of them where a bunch of well-meaning people were offering a lot of advice to someone suffering … Continue reading

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More Playing, Less Working, Please!

One of the neat things that is starting to really come into focus as a result of my own healing through Somatic Experiencing the last couple of years is the dilemma about productivity. Lots of things are coming into clearer … Continue reading

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Starting the New Year Right

Everyone is familiar with the resolution madness that occurs with what I heard recently called the “Caucasian New Year”. November and December are the biggest months for retail, but I bet for gyms it’s January and February. I can barely … Continue reading

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My SE Experience: Part 4

I this series (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3), I’ve been relating my continuing experience of personal transformation through Somatic Experiencing (SE). It’s been a little over 2 years since I learned about SE and started using it with clients, … Continue reading

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My SE Experience: Part 3

As my personal work and my work with clients in Somatic Experiencing continues, the significant and dramatic changes also continue to amaze me (also see Part 1 and Part 2). This work includes not only addressing things we might commonly refer to … Continue reading

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