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I Couldn’t See What I Couldn’t See

The journey goes to such unexpected places. Everything old is new again. Just like legwarmers – ugh. I have organically come around, again, to the idea of safety in the present moment. With new insight, and at a new depth. … Continue reading

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Learning to Walk Again

It’s quite a thing to try to relearn a whole way of being. To change from walking always focused outward, in anticipation of pain, and then intensely focused inward, reeling from every injury. It’s hard to change the patterns developed … Continue reading

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Sweeping Habits

There is a black walnut tree that lives just over the edge of the property line, that makes quite a mess, nearly year round, dropping leaves and nuts and branches and bark. This would not be a real problem, but … Continue reading

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What is Somatic Experiencing?

As many of you know, I teach meditation, and engage in non dual pointing (guiding a process of self-inquiry) to facilitate spiritual awakening and direct realization of true self. I am also a trained psychotherapist, and I seek to bridge … Continue reading

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More Self Compassion Practice

In a previous post I wrote about the practice of attending to one’s own physical cues as a starting place for cultivating a self-compassionate stance. This is often where we need to start if trying to tune in to and … Continue reading

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More Isn’t Always Better

Diminishing marginal returns is something we learn about in Econ 101, but most of us don’t internalize what it means for our lives. The more you have of something, the less satisfaction or value you get from an additional serving … Continue reading

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