This is a website inspired by the work of Salman Khan, creator of the Khan Academy.  It’s hard to explain unless you visit that site, but I envision this eventually becoming a space where mountains of information in multiple formats is available that shares the collective research and wisdom of holistic approaches to health and wellness. The information in this space is not to be construed as medical advice, but as ideas, options, and possible alternatives to conventional thought and practice.

As a counselor, I know that many others share this frustration with a system that has not caught up with the times. I feel a conviction to assist in pushing it toward a more holistic, person-centered model wherever I can. I believe that WE, the consumers of these systems, have the most power to shape them through the demands and expectations for treatment. Your power to advocate for yourself comes from being informed. This site is dedicated to YOU.

Despite the current paradigm of “evidence-based” being applied to everything on earth these days, many know and are saying publicly now that the evidence has to come from somewhere, and isn’t generated by doing what we’ve always done. Since we are complex beings that cannot be simply labeled a black box with input and output, we are forced to move into unfamiliar and sometimes unbelievable territory for solutions. Some things are widely accepted, and do, indeed work. Others are widely accepted (aka “legal” or approved) and do not work or have unacceptable, accompanying ill effects. Other things related to our mental, physical, and spiritual health and connectedness work, but are not mainstream, and are attacked for various reasons unrelated to their validity.

I do not have all the answers, but hope to bring as much information as possible to the public for self help and integration of our health care thinking and institutions. I hope to be able to advocate for such integration, and to provide caring assistance to individuals when information just isn’t enough. Who knows – maybe this site will turn into the Khan Academy for mental health someday!

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  1. Mary Lou Clingan says:


  2. Tami says:

    My interest is captured. I believe I could benefit from this. I hope I seek the next step.

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