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Are You Really Connected?

When I see people staring at their phones in public while their two year old tugs at their sleeve, I always wonder what the societal impact of this will be. Electronic distraction is a relatively new phenomenon, and the full … Continue reading

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More Isn’t Always Better

Diminishing marginal returns is something we learn about in Econ 101, but most of us don’t internalize what it means for our lives. The more you have of something, the less satisfaction or value you get from an additional serving … Continue reading

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It’s Always Possible to Begin Again

My colleague and meditation challenge participant Theresa was kind enough to write about her experience so far to share with you all. It was wonderful and brave of her to do so, and I hope you’ll be inspired to keep … Continue reading

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Rewiring Your Brain for a More Positive You

I think it always helps to get the same message in different formats, so here’s an article from LifeHacker about using the way the brain learns to rewire it for greater happiness, which is something I tell almost anyone who will … Continue reading

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What I Learned from My Week Doing Nothing

I took last week off from work. It was an experiment of sorts. No plans. No lists. A “stay-cation”. I stayed home and did virtually nothing – reading, tv, a little housework, some random mending tasks as the urge struck, … Continue reading

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Freeing Yourself From Hidden Beliefs

When we start to investigate reality through mindfulness practice, we may discover that the problems we complain about are self imposed. Seem crazy? Well, see if any of this sounds familiar: Feeling as though you never have enough time, but … Continue reading

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I recently received my Seeds of Change catalog, the harbinger of spring, reminding me that the next season is just around the corner and I should be planning for this year’s garden. In the past I used to pretty much … Continue reading

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Meditation Challenge Update: Seeing Impermanence

So today is the end of the first two weeks of the 2013 Meditation Challenge, and I am still finding the weekends challenging – I’m more likely to roll right out of bed into ski togs or to the farmer’s … Continue reading

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A Perspective on Walking Meditation

I thought this post by the person who inspired our current meditation challenge was a wonderful way of capturing what I was trying to say about resolutions in the previous post… http://rococonnor.wordpress.com/2013/01/02/year-2-week-1/ How did the first day of your commitment … Continue reading

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Resolute Self Compassion

It’s that time of year again – New Year’s resolutions that bud in December and fade by February, forgotten by March. Resolution is a form of resolute. Webster defines resolute as “marked by firm determination”, and lists some of its … Continue reading

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