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Cynthia Clingan is a personal coach and licensed professional clinical counselor in Columbus, Ohio who teaches mindfulness meditation for beginners.

If You Want Simplicity, Give Up All Hope

I’ve noticed that there’s this way in which humans always seem to want to simplify life. This is a fine goal, but when it’s driven by ego or conditioning (read: the part of us that just wants everything to be … Continue reading

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Want to Feel More Alive? Be Quiet!

I am participating in an online conference for trauma treatment professionals and one of the speakers today (Bessel van der Kolk) referenced research that demonstrates that the part of the brain that allows us to take in experience – to experience … Continue reading

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2013 Meditation Challenge: Year in Review

I wanted to write this review right at the end of the year, but being the introvert that I am, time was necessary for me to look back and summarize the experience. It’s difficult to tease out the source of … Continue reading

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The Joy of New Beginnings

This is the time of year when we begin to take stock of our lives and make plans for the time that’s left. We often use the arbitrary tax year start date of January 1 as the beginning, the time … Continue reading

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More Self Compassion Practice

In a previous post I wrote about the practice of attending to one’s own physical cues as a starting place for cultivating a self-compassionate stance. This is often where we need to start if trying to tune in to and … Continue reading

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Do You List?

Over time, I’ve experimented with a lot of different options and systems for organizing and managing my time. What I realize in retrospect is that I spent a lot of time on it which I could have used for other … Continue reading

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The Rhythm of Life

I recently heard this theory of self care (boring word therapists use to describe the relationship to the self) that made a lot of sense to me and expanded my understanding of its importance. It goes something like this: We … Continue reading

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Meditation Challenge Update: October!

Well, I am 9 months into this project, and sitting regularly, 30 minutes, 5+ times per week. It’s no longer a decision whether to, but assumed that I will, every morning. I am not rolling out of bed at 6am … Continue reading

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Choices: Love vs. Fear

Two days ago I came down pretty hard and fast with what I assume is a nasty cold, and I have been thinking about how my responses to my own suffering didn’t match up with the self-compassion I preach to … Continue reading

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Surprisingly Simple Itch Remedy for Bug Bites

Tis the season…for mosquitos, that is. Seems I can’t set a toe outside right now without getting bit by something or other. But at least I no longer have to deal with the itching, scratching and expensive itch creams that … Continue reading

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